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— Miss Ruffa <3

To my friend, MICA..

There are so many ways that I could suggest for you to let go & to stop the pain & to move on. But ultimately, the decision has to come from you.. No one else really can make a difference in your situation — you have the power to make it change! & sometimes, that can be empowering, & sometimes it can be a lot of effort & responsibility.

Stopping contact with him can help a lot. It might not be easy, but if you’re just so exhausted with dealing with emotional pain, then force yourself to do this.. Because it can definitely make a difference. Keep busy & keep yourself occupied & spend time with people who make you laugh! A secret to moving on is realizing that YOU CAN BE HAPPY WITHOUT HIM.. :)

Create empowering & positive playlists & stick them on repeat, take away anything that reminds you of him (everything from SMS to songs on iTunes to toys to the shirt he gave to you). It’s definitely OK to wallow sometimes & to allow yourself to be sad, but pick yourself up the next day & move on..

Re-evaluate the situation. If you’re not gaining anything from this & it just hurts too much, then IT’S NOT WORTH IT.. Make the decision & move on. It’s hard, but it feels good! You feel so free & liberated, you feel so much in control, it’s amazing.. You’re strong, you can do this! But that’s the key — YOU CAN DO THIS. Not me or your friend or anyone else, only you. Good luck, Angela Osorio.. <3

I love you, friend.. I’m just right here.

— Miss Ruffa <3

THOR - The Dark World

No spoilers here! Hehe!! :D

Thor, God of Thunder.. I’m pleased to see the return of Chris Hemsworth (He is hot!) as the Norse God & son of Odin who, yet again, saved the Earth. Happily, Tom Hiddleston (Dang! He is gorgeous.) is again SPLENDID as Thor’s villainous adoptive brother, Loki.. <3

I’m a huge Marvel fan, but I didn’t love it. I liked it quite a bit, & thought it was a fun movie, but ‘love’ is a bit strong.. I enjoyed the movie, even if I don’t LOVE it. Go watch it! :)

— Miss Ruffa <3